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Congratulations and Appreciation to Our Graduating Seniors and Their Families

MWHS Band Boosters appreciate our graduating 2018 seniors.  Your contributions to the MWHS Band Program have made for a First Class Band.  You have represented MWHS with outstanding musicianship and enduring performances.  We recognize the many hours you have given the MWHS Band Program which is evident through your presence both on the field and on the stage.  You will be missed. While we are sad to see you leave, we are confident your contributions will continue to be many whatever you pursue.

To the many parents and family members of this year’s graduating class, we wish to say thank you for your time, effort, and contributions to the MWHS Band Program.  Your diligence and helpfulness will be surely missed.  We could not have attained our goals without your help.  Good luck to you as you follow these outstanding young people as they pursue further goals.

Important Dates and Activities

Freshman Band Camp – July 2-6  (no camp on July 4 …. enjoy your celebration)  Go to West High Band Room

Full Band Camp at West High School – July 9-13

Full Band Camp at ETSU – July 15-20 – Report to West High as instructed by the Band Director on July 15



  • PRESIDENT- Micah Davis
  • VICE PRESIDENT- Michelle Bolling
  • SECRETARY- Amalia Kennedy
  • TREASURER- Keith Vannoy

You will find email addresses for these officers by clicking on the CONTACT US link at the top of this page.


  • GUARD-
  • MERCHANDISE- Michelle Bolling

The BAND needs YOUR Help to Volunteer for Special Occasion Activities in Knoxville at the Thompson Boiling Arena for Concessions…

Thank you so much for taking the time to volunteer for the Morristown West Band. It is a tremendous help to the band in doing this service. It helps them with a lot of the expenses that could come back on us as parents.

Volunteers need to meet at Ingles West to drive together (to save on gas and to get free parking) to Thompson Boiling Arena. Commitment depends on the activity we are helping with. The band has the potential to earn $2-$3000 for the activities, depending on what is going on. We earn 10% of all the sales sold.

THANK YOU from the West Band Boosters…

The Bylaws for this organization may be read by clicking on the following link: 

Morristown West High School Band Boosters Bylaws 2017 PDF

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