Basketball Concessions Registration 2018-19

Thank you for considering volunteering to work basketball concessions.  The entire profit of this activity goes to the general fund to provide so many things the band needs on a regular basis such as uniforms, uniform cleaning and repair, instrument repair, music, transportation to events and competitions, sectional instruction, registration fees for competitions, and so much more.

All home games are held at the West High School Gym and the concessions stand is in the hallway entrance to the gym.  Times are listed for each game.  Plan to arrive about 45 minutes prior to the game.  However, if you wish to work, but can’t make it that early, please tell us that in the notes section and we will make arrangements with you to arrive later.  For varsity games there are usually two or three games.  For Freshmen games there are one or two games.  Just tell the ticket taker you are working concessions and s/he will have your name on the list.  You must register through this website or you may send email to to be able to work.  Students may work the games; however, according to Hamblen County School Board Policy, cannot handle any money.

Please use the form below to register to work concessions at any home basketball game(s).  You will receive confirmation within 48 hours.  If you don’t receive confirmation, please email: