Why Should I Volunteer?

Because you want the best education for the students of Hamblen County:

In order to keep our high school band program viable, we must have volunteers to fill critical extra-curricular and off-campus roles. Without volunteers, band programs will be cut. The benefits of a strong band program are clear:

The College Board examined the 2006 Scholastic Aptitude Test results and found that students with classes in music performance scored 57 points higher on the verbal portion of the test and 43 points higher on the math portion than students with no experience in the arts (The College Board, Profile of College-Bound Seniors National Report for 2006).

University of Kansas research found that students in high-quality music programs score higher on standardized tests compared to students in schools without music education programs, regardless of the socioeconomic level of the school or school district (Johnson and Memmott, Journal of Research in Music Education, Winter, 2006, pp. 293 – 307).

The Texas Commission of Drug and Alcohol Abuse reported that students who participated in band or orchestra reported lower lifetime and current use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (Reported in the Houston Chronicle, January, 1998).

E-mail the The Booster Club to volunteer to be put on the schedule.

We Need Concession Workers and Chaperones

All chaperones for band events must be a parent or legal guardian or grandparent of a current band student. Please read the Notes for Band Chaperones. This is an important list of duties that ensures the safety of our band members and that the students and equipment arrive where needed.